Life as a Witch.

I am a Witch, Mystic, Sorcerer, Poisoner - one who walks the Via Tortuous, that ever crooked path. This is my personal journey through the mysteries, my musings upon the sacred and upon the profane. Woven throughout the stars, the land and the spirits 'twixt the two.


In the Thicket of Shadows

“Here amongst the wild overgrown forest of the Pacific Northwest, amidst the Alder, Fir and Pine, the archaic spirits of savages and heathens are still to be found. The hungry water daemons, the Wodewoses; the very air is aswarm with the night wandering host.”

A Magister’s Address

May Truth Prevail.

Lux Veritatis I – Light of Truth

Lux Veritatis II – A Moment of Clarity


Winters Reign

The clouds amongst the Pacific Northwest are growing heavy with the promise of snow, heralding the approach of winters reign. The cold winds blowing from the North are a testament for what is to come…The Witches Hunt.

Last night I watched the moon rise amongst the dark night sky; it left me breathless, seething, scared. As it crossed it’s sea of stars I watched it’s descent beyond the ocean waters and made my prayer, my offering of spirit to soar amongst the Companie of Night.

As I sit out upon the land, watching the clouds toss and grumble, I know that snow is on it’s way, and Dame Holle has accepted my offering. The Raven’s feather is a testament to that.


Crafting the Midwinter Night

Today I crafted an incense blend to be used on Midwinter through Twelfth Night. The design behind it was inspired by the Northern Witches – featuring the fungi Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric). The entirety of the incense blend is reminiscent of the deep and dark of Winters reign; the liminality which climaxes on Twelfth Night when the Lord of Misrule usurps order and brings the frenzy of ecstasy and chaos. It heralds the approach of the Wild Hunt and leads us beyond the North Star Road.

Amanita Muscaria has become a potent ally of mine, most notably under it’s alternative name of “Raven’s Bread”. At the first fall of snow the blend will be awakened, mixed with the ashes of Raven feathers and the blood of the Holly King himself.

Moving Forward

Changes are coming, I have rid myself of the old to make way for the new.


A collection of Books devoted to Traditional Witchcraft in it’s many guises.

Traditional Witchcraft

1.) Call of the Horned Piper: Nigel A. Jackson

2.) Masks of Misrule: Nigel A. Jackson

3.) Complaet Vampyre: Nigel A. Jackson

4.) Light from the Shadows: “Gwyn”

5.) Treading the Mill: Nigel Pearson

6.) Roebuck in the Thicket: Robert Cochrane, Evan John Jones, Michael Howard

7.) The Robert Cochrane Letters: Robert Cochrane, Michael Howard

8.) Tubelo’s Green Fire: Shani Oates

9.) Secrets of East Anglian Magic: Nigel Pennick

Sabbatic Craft

1.) Azoetia: Andrew Chumbley

2.) Qutub: Andrew Chumbley

3.) ONE: Andrew Chumbley

4.) Viridarium Umbris: Daniel Schulke

5.) Ars Philtron: Daniel Schulke

6.) Pillars of Tubal Cain: Nigel A. Jackson and Michael Howard

7.) Book of Fallen Angels: Michael Howard

8.) The Satyrs Sermon: Andrew Chumbley

9.) Opuscula Magica Vol. I-IV: Andrew Chumbley

Folklore and Faery

1.) The Encyclopedia of Faeries, Hobgoblins, and Elves: Katharine Briggs

2.) Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits: Emma Wilby

3.) Underworld Initiation: R.J. Stewart

4.) Living World of Faery: R.J. Stewart

5.) Well of Light: R.J. Stewart

6.) The Crooked Scythe: George Ewart Evans

7.) The Pattern Under the Plough: George Ewart Evans

8.) Puck of Pook’s Hill: Rudyard Kipling

9.) The Immortal Hour: Fiona Macleod